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We are excited to announce that the members of Fedor Camargo & Weston PLC have joined the law firm of Foster Swift Collins & Smith PC (“Foster Swift”) effective September 18, 2017.
Founded in 1902, and currently staffing over 100 attorneys, Foster Swift is a premier Michigan law firm dedicated to high quality legal service based on experience, performance, and results. The firm maintains offices in Lansing, Detroit, Southfield, Grand Rapids, Holland and St. Joseph. The FCW team is part of the Southfield office.

Michigan Elder Law

Which part of "Excellent Idea" don't they understand?

It defies both common sense and a basic sense of personal responsibility, that some people do not appreciate just how valuable disability insurance. Otherwise, where will you come up with the cash flow to provide for yourself and your loved ones, if you are seriously injured or stricken with a disease that prevents you from going to work and earning your salary?

According to research, some 69% of private-sector employees do not have a long-term disability insurance policy. That is scary.

Most people think "long-term care" considerations are limited to services and support for senior or disabled individuals who might require help with personal care needs. This commonly is not medical care, but instead refers to general assistance with the basic personal tasks of everyday life (also known as Activities of Daily Living or "ADLs").

These tasks can include:

  • Bathing and dressing;
  • Using the bathroom;
  • Moving about the home, such as transferring to or from bed to a chair; and
  • Eating.

Other types of long-term care assistance include help with other everyday tasks, sometimes called Instrumental Activities of Daily Living ("IADLs"), such as:

  • Housework;
  • Managing money;
  • Taking medication;
  • Meal prep and clean-up;
  • Groceries and clothes shopping;
  • Pet care; and
  • Responding to emergency alerts.

Statistics reveal that roughly one in four 20-year-olds is apt to become disabled before reaching their 67th birthday. If your family depends on you and your income, then you really cannot afford to be without disability income insurance.

What about Social Security? I can get that. Right?

If you are thinking that Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) benefits will be available and cover you, think again. The eligibility rules for SSDI can be very strict. For example, you are required to prove that you are not able to work for at least one year or be terminally ill. Another thing to keep in mind: this is the federal government in charge of SSDI. The SSDI application process can take several months, and initial claims are frequently (and routinely) denied. Plus, the average monthly benefit is only a little over $1,100. Bills will come due long before you receive your first SSDI check, and it most likely will not even dent your medical bills at that.

I think I get LTD insurance through my work. That's good, right?

Although employers may provide employees with long-term disability (LTD) insurance to replace a percentage of pay for an extended period of time, those LTD plans usually replace only about 60% of pay. In addition, the money you receive is taxable income, so your LTD pay might be less than you first calculated.

A serious illness or a tragic injury could keep you from working permanently and that trigger a financial disaster for you and your family. Ask your estate planning attorney today for a referral to a reputable insurance agent, who can help you obtain an appropriate long-term disability insurance, so that you are covered tomorrow.

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  • When my business was served with a lawsuit, Mr. Camargo listened to my issues, filed the appropriate legal response and quickly achieved a great result.

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